Meet the Owner

I started Amor Secret Boutique with inspiration and a dream to someday own and run a successful clothing boutique. With being a full-time wife, mom, while also working a full-time job I felt like it was impossible, but I took a leap of faith and opened my very own boutique! My daughter looks up to me and wants to follow the same footsteps that I am doing, that is the inspiration I need on daily basis to help me push through even on my bad days. 

When shopping with Amor Secret Boutique we want you to feel that confidence no matter what you purchase and wear. Who doesn't love new clothes/accessories? We even took it up a notch and added a product most women/men LOVE, and that is homemade wax melts and body creams. Enjoy coming home from a long day of work to a home that smells wonderful while taking a relaxing bath. Sounds so good right?

Shop with us today and help us make your day.